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Sapa Tour Package


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3 Days 4 Nights Hotel Stay Tour



Day 1

7pm: Pick up at your Hotel in Hanoi by Tour Guide

7pm to 6am: Travel Time from Hanoi to Lao Cai, Onboard the Overnight Train

Day 2

6am: Arrival in Lao Cai train station

6am to 7am: Car Ride Up to Sapa Town

7am: Arrival in Sapa Town, Breakfast in Town, Preparations for Trek

Trek Down to Muong Hoa Valley

Visit of the Lao Chai Village

Visit of the Ta Van Village

Return to Sapa Town by Car

Day 3

Visit of Cat Cat Village, Waterfalls, and Hydroelectric Power Station

Picnic Lunch on the Riverbank

Trek to Sin Chai

Trek Up Fansipan Mountain

Jeep Ride Back to Sapa Town

Day 4

Jeep Ride to Suoi Ho

Trek to the Ma Tra Village

Visit of the Ta Phin Village

Return to Sapa

Go to Lao Cai Station, Take Train Back to Hanoi

(Next day) 5:30am

Arrival in Hanoi

Day 1 – Pick Up at Hanoi and Train Ride to Lao Cai

The first day of the trekking journey will begin at Hanoi, where the travelers will go together to Lao Cai province by train. The company will drop by your hotel in Hanoi by 7:00 PM to take you to the train station, also in Hanoi, where there is an overnight train that’s headed for Lao Cai province. You’ll get to see the sights and sounds of the countryside and the comfort and luxury aboard the train while you’re on going to your destination. The package covers the move from the hotel to the train, a 4-soft sleeper air-conditioned shared cabin, and does not cover meals.

Day 2 – Arrival in Lao Cai, Visit Sapa, Valley of Muong Hoa, Lao Chai, Ta Van

On the second day, after getting off at the train station in Lao Cai at 6:00 AM in the morning, you will ride a car up to higher ground to the serene town of Sapa. While you’re in the car, you’ll get to see the amazing scenery and beautifully sculpted rice terraces. When you get off board in Sapa Town, you and the company will pause for breakfast in a restaurant in town and begin preparations for the trek of a lifetime, all the way down to the scenic valley of Muong Hoa.

You begin your journey with a car ride from Sapa to Lao Chai, the village that is home to the Black H’mong people, an ethnic minority. After strolling in the village of Lao Chai and enjoying lunch at a house in town, we’ll next trek through the terraced rice fields at Lao Chai, then go to the village of Ta Van, home of the Giay people. You get the rare opportunity to see the local architecture, everyday life in the village, and the customs and traditions of the village’s people. Look on in wonder at the landscapes en route. You can return to Sapa, also by car, when the late afternoon comes.

The trekking on Day 2 will take about 4 hours. An English-speaking tour guide will accompany you throughout your journey. Your hotel stay will be at Bamboo Sapa, or an equivalent hotel, depending on availability. Breakfast and Lunch are included.

Day 3 – Cat Cat, Sin Chai, Fansipan Mountain, Going Back to Sapa Town

Following the third day’s breakfast, the company and travelers will walk down to the southwest area of Sapa to stop by the village of Cat Cat, also home to the Black H’mong people. Unwind by the base of the incredible waterfall and the remnants of a hydroelectric power station that the French built when they ruled Vietnam. A picnic lunch will be arranged on the riverbank, and then the group will head for Sin Chai – the village by the base of the Fansipan Mountain, also known as “the roof of Vietnam and Indochina” – by trekking. Once you’re here, feel free to bask in the scenery of the beautiful land around you while going up and climbing. When everyone’s done, a jeep will take the group back to Sapa Town.

The trekking on Day 3 will take about 6 hours and is similar to Day 2. An English-speaking tour guide will be present during your trek. Breakfast and Lunch are also included.

Day 4 – Suoi Ho, Ma Tra, Ta Phin, Return to Sapa and Lao Cai, Return to Hanoi

On the last day, the group will ride a jeep for five kilometers to go to Suoi Ho, home of the red Dzao people, to admire the tea plantations and cardamon gardens in person. The day’s three-hour trek will start from the buffalo trails to the Ma Tra village of the hospitable Black H’mong people, and there will be a picnic lunch along the way. Travelers will learn more about the red Dzao’s customs and daily life and enjoy the scenery of Ta Phin village. The group will go back to Sapa by car. During late afternoon, the company will accompany the travelers back to Lao Cai station to take the train that runs overnight to Hanoi. The estimated time of arrival in Hanoi is 5:30 AM of the following day.

There will be a total of 6 hours of trekking on Day 4. Breakfast and Lunch are included.

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Convenient Transportation from Hanoi to Sapa

We provide Bus transport or Train ride from Hanoi to Sapa for your convenience. Our bus has a capacity of 15 pax excluding our driver thus you can travel individually or as a group.

Bus transport from Hanoi to Sapa is faster and will take between 4 – 5 hours while a Train ride from Hanoi to Sapa will take between 9-10 hours.

Prices for both bus and train ticket is estimated to be USD50-90 and is subjected to change due to off-peak and peak season.

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