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Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda Tour


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1 Day Perfume Pagoda Tour


The Perfume Pagoda, also known as the Huong Pagoda, is found in the Huong son (Perfume Mountain), approximately 70km to the southwest of the city of Hanoi. The Pagoda is one of the top travel destinations and one of the main religious sites for Buddhists in Vietnam. Every coming of spring after Tet, Vietnamese New Year, thousands of pilgrims in Vietnam arrive at the temple to say prayer for health and property that will endure for them throughout the year.

The pagoda is built into cliffs made of limestone and is only accessible by boat or on foot. There are no roads or streets nearby. The pagoda is a timeless classic in the literature of Vietnam. Songs and poems have been written about the name of the temple. Many literary works make references to the temple, and the temple appears many times in the backdrops of paintings.

The Huong Son is the only one temple of its kind. A Buddhist visiting the temple can see the river, forest, and mountains all around, and the Buddhist is set near the very center of the far-reaching plains in the north of Vietnam. The spot uniquely takes in all the essentials of beauty found in Eastern philosophy and Eastern art.


Day 1 – Travel Schedule and Activities

8am A tour guide and driver will come to your hotel and take you to Perfume Pagoda

8am to 10am Two-hour bus ride to Ben Duc boat harbor

10am to 11am One-hour boat trip, rowed by the locals, on the Yen stream

Sightseeing of the View of the Mountain in the Crystal Clear Stream Water and the Rice Paddies on the Side

Travel via Cable Car to the Main Pagoda and to the Cave on the Highest Mountain of the Range

Visit of the Stunning Cave in the Huong Pagoda’s Complex

Lunch at Local Restaurant

Climbing Up to Visit the Largest, Most Beautiful Pagoda in the Huong Pagoda Complex

Getting Back on the Boat

Return to the Harbor

Return to Hanoi

End of Tour

Day 1

A tour guide will go to your hotel at 8am in a car, accompanied by a driver, and take you to Perfume Pagoda. Following a two-hour bus ride, we’ll stop at Ben Duc boat harbor and then get on a boat, rowed by the locals, for a one-hour trip on the Yen stream. In the water, you can admire the reflection of the mountain in the crystal clear water of the stream, as well as the rice paddies on the side, on the way to your destination. We’ll arrive at the main Pagoda-Cave atop the tallest mountain in the range via cable car, and then stop by a stunning cave in the Huong pagoda’s complex.

After exploring the cave, we’ll go all the way down to a restaurant in town for lunch. Once you’re full and well rested, we’ll go back and climb up to see the largest pagoda, also considered the most beautiful of the pagodas, in the nearby complex. After exploring the pagodas and the complex, we’ll take a long boat ride back to the harbor, and then take a car back to Hanoi, to wrap up the tour.

The tour includes an English-speaking or French-speaking tour guide. For other languages, another tour guide can be arranged, depending on the request. Private transportation, bus transfers, and other transfers between the various modes of transport will be provided. There will be lunch at a local restaurant and a private, exclusive boat ride in the river. All applicable admission fees, permits, service charges, and government taxes will be taken care of.

The tour does not cover accommodation before or after the tour; your personal expenses, such your drinks; and tips, service fees, and other kinds of gratuities. This tour does not cover travel insurance.

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