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Halong Bay Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights


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Halong Bay 3 Days 2 Nights Tour Package

Hop on board our luxurious Signature Halong and Signature Halong Royal Cruise and have a relaxing getaway!

Halong Bay in Vietnam is famous for its limestone karsts and isles that occur in thousands, and come in a mind-blowing range of shapes and sizes. There are floating villages inhabited mainly by fishermen, and enormous caves. The 120-km long coastline is something to be experienced that cannot quite be put into words. This wildly beautiful and mysterious place can be life-changing for you. And our tours are the best there are… our guests often say they got back more than what they paid for. Won’t you want to find out for yourself?



(7.30-8.00 am)

It’s about to unfold…

Be ready. Our transfer vehicle is going to pick you up from Hanoi and drop you at Halong City via the Red River Delta. We will arrange for breaks to make you comfortable and at home.

(12.30 pm)

Welcome to your holiday!!

This is when your holiday officially begins! Our excursion boat will take you from the mainland to our super luxurious vessel. Expect to be pleasantly surprised by a warm welcome and complimentary drink. After that, you need to attend the compulsory safety procedures demo by our Crew. This over, step into your cabin and get refreshed. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the vessel or just sit and look at the beautiful Nature gliding past.

(1.15 pm)

Fine food and drink with a magical view…

Step into our main dining room to enjoy a special seafood lunch with a superb range of delicious favorites to choose from. Imagine pampering yourself with all these gastronomic delights while we inch deeper inside the gorgeous limestone formations of Halong Bay…

(3.00 pm)

Floating villages, wow!

Post lunch, hop onto some kayaks or local row boats to mingle with the people of Vung Vieng fishing village.

(4.30 pm)

Drop anchor… Tonight is the night!

We get back to the cruise vessel and get ready to spend the night in the middle of awe-inspiring landscape.

(5.30-6.30 pm)

Don’t worry be happy!

Enjoy Happy Hour with our happy drink offers (buy one get one free!)

(5.30 pm)

Fancy being the chef?

Allow our friendly expert chef to help you through an unforgettable Vietnamese cooking demo class, where you’ll learn how to quickly drum up some super tasty dishes.

(7.15 pm)

Bring on the delicacies

Come dinnertime, enjoy yourself thoroughly at our main dining room with an a la carte spread that has a feast of delicious choices to suit everybody’s taste.

(8.45 pm – 12.00 am)

Did you forget that sunsets are beautiful?

And we believe they’re more beautiful on Halong Bay… Relax and sip on your choice of exotic drink or a cocktail. Guests love our recreation activities and onboard amenities! Decide for yourself… indulge in some mystical star-gazing on our roof-top deck… watch a good docu film … or try squid fishing! Our fully-stocked bar offers you a versatile range of liquors, beers and wines from all across the globe. 


(6.30 am)

Sunrise Tai Chi…

Good morning!! Fill your energy tank for an action-filled day with a Tai Chi session on our upper deck. Sit back in your favorite spot on the boat, breathe in… breathe out… in the calm of the early morning, cradling a cup of juice, coffee or tea in your palms and soaking in the blissful nature all around you.

(8.00 am)

Breakfast shows the day!

Step into our restaurant and treat yourself to a buffet breakfast with fresh juice and the best brand of local coffee.

(9.00 am)

Beach it out on Cong Dam

Hop onto our day boat and off we go to the Cong Dam locale that the world admires for its pristine sandy beaches. Laze around, go swimming, or have a kayaking adventure… take your pick!

(12.00 pm)

Lunch on the boat

Today’s lunch will be on our day boat with a fixed menu… enjoy!

(3.30 pm)

Another sunset! Can it get any better than this?

Now Now we are back on board our cruise vessel, and moving towards our overnight area to stay for the night. Freshen up, relax or catch a nap, or maybe you are eager to watch yet another exquisite sunset? Yesss!

(5.30-6.30 pm)

Don’t worry be happy!

Enjoy Happy Hour with our happy drink offers (buy one get one free!)

(5.30 pm)

Learn to make a hasty tasty spring roll

Allow our friendly expert chef to help you through an unforgettable Vietnamese cooking demo class, where you’ll learn how to quickly drum up some super local snacks.

(7.15 pm)

Good food and superb service

Come dinnertime, enjoy yourself thoroughly at our main dining room with an a la carte spread that has a feast of delicious choices to suit everybody’s taste.

(8.45-12.00 pm)

Movies, board games and cocktails…

The night is still young. This is our movie night, and you get a wide selection of titles to choose from. If you are a veteran of board games, we have an assortment of those too. Or relax at the well-stocked bar and make a few new friends!


(6.30 pm)

At peace… one with the Universe

Here on Halong Bay, the morning is the best part of the entire day. Okay so you’re not the early bird type and missed it yesterday? Not a worry… today’s your last chance! Immerse yourself in Tai Chi on our upper deck. Visit that place of stillness inside you and know inner peace.

(7.30 am)

A light breakfast …

Step in to our restaurant and treat yourself to a light breakfast of tasty pastries and coffee or tea.

(7.30-8.30 am)

The Thien Canh Son cave

This is the last leg of your trip before we go back to our main vessel. These islets and cave are a beautiful and wild place housed in the heart of the World Heritage area.

(9.30 am)

Early brunch and cruising back

The mainland comes closer and closer as we sail towards it. Check out of your cabin, enjoy a leisurely early brunch, and enjoy the scenery.

(11.15 am)

Warm goodbyes and fond memories

Exchange warm goodbyes with our crew members. Now we will transport you back to the Halong City wharf, so you can get back to Hanoi.

(12.00-12.30 pm)

Visit again!!

Your shuttle mini bus is here to take you back to Hanoi. We are sure you enjoyed every moment of your stay with us on this trip. We hope you will remember us soon again and we can create some more memories together.

To get a feel of the real thing and soak in the breathtaking scenery, the 3-days-2-night option is your best bet. Book the tour right away and treat yourself and your family to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll be reliving these days in your mind’s eye, many, many times in your future… we guarantee!

Airport Transfer and Hotel Booking

We provide Hanoi Airport Transfer to your hotel and back to the Airport for your convenience at USD60. Do input the airport and terminal that you will arrive at, along with your flight details in the notes section when booking this service.

We will be pleased to assist with your booking of a 3 stars Hanoi Vietnam Hotel at just USD50 per night.

We also provide a transfer vehicle that is included in the package, that will pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi and transport you to Halong City and back. An excursion boat awaits you at the wharf and you will then make your way onto the bay to board our luxury Halong Bay Cruise.

Types of Cruise

We have Halong Cruise and Halong Royal Cruise that each has a lower deck, deck, top deck and rooftop sun terrace. With 20 or 25 crew onboard the ship, we are able to meet the demand of up to 27 or 35 guests with a total of 12 or 16 cabins ranging from Junior, Senior, Exclusive, Family and Elite Family Suite.

For guests who prefer not to carry excessive cash, our cruises accept VISA and Mastercard payments.

Types of Accommodation

  1. Junior Suite – Window with Panorama View
  Halong Cruise Halong Royal Cruise
Cabins 6 7
Space 19.5 m2 (Double Room)

26 m2 (Twin Room)

28 m2
Bed Types 4 Twin Rooms &

2 Double Rooms

6 Twin Rooms & 1 Double Room

(1 Double & 1 Twin Connecting Rooms)

No. of Guests 2 Adults & 1 Child (below 10 yrs old)
  1. Senior Suite – Private Balcony
  Halong Cruise Halong Royal Cruise
Cabins 4 4
Space 28 m2 30 m2
Bed Types 4 Double 4 Double
No. of Guests 2 Adults & 1 Child (below 10 yrs old)
  1. Exclusive Family Suite – Private Sun Terrace
  Halong Cruise Halong Royal Cruise
Cabins 1 1
Space 32 m2 50 m2
Bed Types Triple (1 Double + 1 Single bed) Triple (1 Double + 1 Single bed)
No. of Guests 3 adults + 1 child (under 10 yrs old)
  1. Elite Family Suite – Private Sun Terrace
  Halong Cruise Halong Royal Cruise
Cabins 2 connecting rooms 2 connecting rooms
Space 45 m2 82 m2
Bed Types Quadruple connecting (2 Double beds) Quadruple connecting (2 Double beds)
No. of Guests 4 adults + 2 child (under 10 yrs old)
  1. Royal Suite – Private Balcony
  Halong Cruise Halong Royal Cruise
Cabins NIL 2
Space NIL 55 m2
Bed Types NIL 1 Double Bed & 1 Single Bed
No. of Guests 3 Adults & 1 Child (below 10 yrs old)

Room Facilities and Amenities

  • Air-Conditioning
  • 32-inch LCD TV and DVD
  • Hot Water
  • Jacuzzi
  • Graceful and contemporary decorations
  • Handcrafted wooden furniture from wardrobes, luggage shelves and desks
  • Minibar
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Electric Kettle
  • Hair-dryer
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Slippers
  • Clothes Hangars
  • Laundry Bag

Restaurant & Bar

  • Breakfast (Snack): 7am – 8am
  • Brunch (Buffet): 9am – 19am
  • Lunch (Set Menu): 1pm – 230pm
  • Dinner (Set Menu / Buffet): 7pm to 11pm

Check In/Out

  • Check In: 1pm
  • Check Out: 10am

Getting Here

Getting to our port location is convenient. We have shuttle bus service that departs daily at 8am. Private car and helicopter service is available on request and subject to availability.

Port Location

  • Address: Vinashin Port (#6 Le Thanh Tong St., Hon Gai, Halong City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam)
  • Distance to Hanoi airport (Noi Bai): 170km (3.5hrs driving)
  • Distance to Hai Phong airport (Cat Bi): 80km (1.5hrs driving)

Additional Information


Adult, Child (5 to 9 years old), Adult ROYAL, Child (5 to 9 years old) ROYAL


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